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เนื้อเพลง your favorite martian – alien



have you ever felt left out of the group, excluded?
given the boot when you knew you should have been a shoo-in?
like some ancient druid was pursuant to ruin your life
with a curse but worse, he brought his whole d-mn crew in.
and now it’s high noon and you’re a target to shoot at
this school’s a battlefield, no wonder you’re truant!
they always look at you and they boo at what you’re doing
and you go off like a bomb at the olympics in munich.

nah, you’re just an extraterrestrial
less than respectable
you’ll never get to get the girl
you’re just a jester at the festival
i guess it’s acceptable
to peg your head with vegetables
and kick you in the t-st-cl-s
and best of all let you know that you’re a filthy dog
and you’ll never be best in show.

so why the abuse?
‘cause all a bully needs is a f-cking excuse!

planet earth i need a friend
‘cause i’m on the outside looking in
i’m an alien
i’m just an alien
feeling lost but never found
‘til i found myself being pushed around
i’m an alien
yes, i’m an alien.

i’ma be honest, it gets better i promise
so don’t let them ground you down to a pound of sawdust
stay on the stage the longest ’til the gong hits
and everybody comments on their fondness
of your polish and your overall knowledge
remain calmest and abolish your modesty
‘cause honestly you got to be positive
you’re a prodigy!
you show the world that you’re not to mess with
it’s a broken home that makes these b-st-rds aggressive
you can expect to get rejected
neglected, stripped naked, and tested ’til they reckon
you feel terrible because nothing is comparable
violence ain’t the answer but the pain is unbearable
you’re nice and jaded from being isolated
now you coast through life feeling twice as hated.

so why the abuse?
‘cause all a bully needs is a f-cking excuse!


axel on the drums!




no ohhh!
i’m an alien
yes, i’m an alien

- เนื้อเพลง your favorite martian