เนื้อเพลง young scooter – down bad


i met some real n-gg-s, man when i was down bad
confused, locked down in the jail with no cash
with no bond money, i lost everything i had
real street n-gg- you know i was down bad [2x]

worst situation in my life it was crazy
2006 that when i had my first baby
had my son broke thank god time saved me
bmg franchise street organization
the streets all i got
2008 caught my first charge
traffickin’ i broke the law, traffickin’
stuck to the code i had to play it raw
free bands i should have saved up
no bond money i was f-cked up
pimp g and my grandma
got me out that’s how i’m home now


messingco? my hood but i was born in atlanta
had to put my hustle down when i stayed in aspen
rico james b in the bluff doin numbers
t mack and blackie made me a roll runner
them trips down the express way
to make a joog cause i ain’t have a thing
always f-cking up the money
is what marco always tell me
thank casino, ran, and lil josh (casino)
when i had to sleep at they mama house
thinkin when my brother had to hit that lick
cause i couldn’t even pay my f-cking rent.


- เนื้อเพลง young scooter