เนื้อเพลง wired gaming – miss you


cause you know that i miss her
even thought she remembers
it was all just a big blur
but now were moving our separate ways
but god i’m sending up my praise the maybe well meet up one day
but i know it’s not true i will never be able to get back together with you
i just got to break free from this chain that i put myself in
that put my life through a huge spin
but now i got to put my life back on track
i think i got to take a step back for a sec and realize what i been through
every single second of the day without you the pain grew
i know i have to see this one through
cause i promised myself that i would to talk to you again
maybe we will just be friends but i really don’t want that
its like i’m up at bat 3 strikes then im out luck

- เนื้อเพลง wired gaming