เนื้อเพลง wintertime caesar – i like the way (demo)


[produced by newderseybeats]

[verse 1]
and i ask him, “yo cupid, where you been?”
out here, out there, tryna find me a good girlfriend
for her any price i would spend it
even though she’s so independent
she’s an angel sent down from heaven
and for her, i’d be a good man
yeah girl, you can come through
dim the lights low, got a bright moon
bright stars in the bedroom
when you come to your senses, then hit my address in a dress
‘cuz baby just think
i’ll get you anything you can think of
baby girl just get off my brain
you’re the only thing i can think of
she don’t know how to love ‘cuz her hearts broke
i don’t know what it was but my heart spoke
now i crack jokes when you’re in the room
so i can see you smile, but you don’t like to do it
you wanna know what your old boyfriend is doing
i said forget him, he’s a loser
i could have one girl, i would always choose her
never abuse her
yeah, girl you are the umbrella to all of my rain
i don’t know why anybody would cause you the pain
that you been through
i wanna know what you into
we could keep this shit simple
crack a smile, i just wanna see your dimples
stay a while, who knows what we’ll get into
you play my heart so well, you keep it in tune
when you’re thinking of me, think of this tune

[verse 2]
if i was trapped on an island and could only bring one thing
i’d make it just you and i and we could just try it
matter fact, when i get big we’ll fly there
kauai, we could try, we could die there
wouldn’t mind it
‘cuz when i’m with her the shit’s timeless
baby, i think you’re the world’s finest
baby, i want you to be mine, baby girl you’re a dime
you make up for a dollar in my mind and maybe a milli
you always find time to k!ll shit
the heels and the dress make you look the best
in a shirt and sweats you make a nigga sweat
‘cuz i’m getting nervous
you got the curves, i love the way you work it
everyone is wrong to say no one’s perfect
you are—my star
let’s dip—go far
i wanna be where you are
cross my heart, hope to die in your arms
my cleopatra, mona lisa
stop the tears i, got your back you’ll
never see a day that’s gray
i’ll make all the clouds go away
no rain, no pain
just me and you ’til the end, my best friend
and i’ll make sure that you never get hurt again
and if you don’t fuck with that
i hope you find a man that’ll love you back
my heart is here, to take you back
when it’s all said and done, i just hope you know that

- เนื้อเพลง wintertime caesar