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เนื้อเพลง westlife – i’ll see you again


“i’ll see you again”

always you will be part of me
and i will forever feel your strength
when i need it most
you’re gone now, gone but not forgotten
i can’t say this to your face
but i know you hear

i’ll see you again
you never really left
i feel you walk beside me
i know i’ll see you again

when i’m lost, i’m missing you like crazy
and i tell myself i’m so blessed
to have had you in my life, my life


when i had the time to tell you
i never thought i’d live to see the day
when the words i should have said
would come to haunt me
in my darkest hour i tell myself
i’ll see you again

[chorus x2]

i will see you again
i’ll see you again
i miss you like crazy
you’re gone but not forgotten
i’ll never forget you
someday i’ll see you again
i feel you walk beside me
never leave you, yeah
gone but not forgotten
i feel you by my side
no this is not goodbye [x3]

- เนื้อเพลง westlife