เนื้อเพลง webbie – sleep


[verse 1:]
n-gg-s dont lost focus, calling all the excitement
believing all these characters imitate my life and sh-t
sleeping like a baby, quite like i be liking it
smoking on that fire, chillin ready to strike again
chrome on the tire, you d-mn right it is
boom right by ya, leave a n-gg- with nightmares
the barrel spit fire, knock you out yo nike air
send you to duck smashing, see you when i get in there
make yo boy chill, be happy to seen your friend now
i can call the shadman telling ya’ll n-gg-s out of here
creep will make your bed rock, pop yo in yo dreadlocks
it’s gone take a whole lot of creatures to stop a headshot
you look back, n-gg-s in all black, you scared now
put you on tv channel 9, the headline
put me on cd clowning that’s what it is, f-ck it
rob you out yo cheese, drown you, take your kids from you
wild lil motherf-cker, 5 to a motherf-cker
i dont know bout you but i know i’ll make a motherf-cker sleep

[chorus x8:]
sleep, go to sleep

[verse 2:]
now look at this, everybody talking goon talk
like they ain’t never seen somebody knock the goon off
run up in your motherf-cking house and get ruthless
ain’t no waking up, the alarm clock be useless
round you taunting guns like you really gone use it
man you got that sh-t just to boo with
if you can’t survive where i mob then you through with
really i’m suprised that those n-gg-s ain’t killed you yet
you know how i get down straighten up my eyes before i sit down
stacks up ready to lay the hit down
man if you love her better tell her -ss to sit down
we feel like she a threat then we gone have to lay the b-tch down
can’t no any n-gg- get down
i had to learn that early
these n-gg-s won’t be dirty
and i just want see 30
i know they wanna serve me
i aint worried i just smile at these motherf-ckers
cop my feet up and let my money piled on these motherf-ckers

[chorus x8]

[verse 3:]
big blunt, big shield, big hoe, sh-t yeah
i got everybody wondering how we finna play this year
i aint tripping on the bill, big sh-t i’m diss for real
definitly taunting something that will make a n-gg- disappear
come on over here with all that hating i’mma burn you
guns without no paper they so hot those b-tches burn him
last n-gg- came with all det playing n-gg- burn him
gave his -ss his issue you just itching for yo turn huh
whoa slow yo road now
checkin me by da hoe mane
you gotta better chance to rob a n-gg-s house on some cocaine
i heard that if you live by the gun you gone die by it
i know that, i’m going out with a big get on my side
grab as they musta, i like the lot of armour
creep loaded night time, if they get closer papa
wild lil motherf-cker, 5 to a motherf-cker
i dont know bout you but i know i’ll make a motherf-cker sleep

[chorus x8]

- เนื้อเพลง webbie