เนื้อเพลง war of ages – strength within


strength within

show me your strength; this is our time to bleed.
we’ve suffered for far too long.
i won’t give in.
we’ll fight.
we’ll fight.
i’ve never felt so a lone.
will i ever find my way? you chose to hide in fear.
in fear.
will we find strength within to fight against this world we’re in?
as my soul pants forth it thirsts and longs for you.
my tears have ran dry.
all my hope is in you.
i won’t hide behind my faith to keep me safe.
the time has come for us to rise against our fear and lead a world that hides its shame.
i hope we’ll rise at the chance to live again.
the pain that dwells inside have run their roots far too deep.
we swallow at the chance to truly live because we chose to hid behind suffering.
if we fight against our emptiness and battle through our many losses.
will we have the chance to breathe again in a world that tells us we are nothing?

- เนื้อเพลง war of ages