เนื้อเพลง unfinished thought – silhouette


if i could stop time
i’d frame your gl-ss pose

tied to your shadow
i’m over exposed

counting your breathing
with quiet control

watching you drowning
i slowly let go

i’m giving you shade
from what you don’t know

you’ve made some mistakes
just keep your eyes closed

planning out endings
i thought you’d enjoy

with one thing in mind
the love you destroyed

you are not enough
you are not enough

you can’t modify
the masterpiece i’ve set in motion

if you try i’ll multiply
my heart breaking devotion

sparks burn behind you
your silhouette glows

blindness reminds you
you’ll never grow old

memorize your last sunset
it’s fading fast and getting wet

last goodbyes have been revised
you can’t decide who’s qualified

don’t be afraid of
what you understand

always be jealous
of others who can’t

you are not enough
you are not enough

- เนื้อเพลง unfinished thought