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เนื้อเพลง travis porter – swallow the bottle


“swallow the bottle”

[interlude – strap]
“what you say?”
“i said i wanna do it now, i don’t wanna wait 2 hours to get you home”
“you gone swallow the bottle?”
“am i gone swallow the bottle?”
“um hmm”
“where the bottle at?”

bottles [6x]
models [5x]

pop bottles, take one of them hoes and tell em follow
where the h-ll the waitress, tell her bring another bottle
poured it in her mouth i said i wanna see you gargle
then she answered back, guess what
i can swallow
she can swallow the whole bottle [4x]

[verse 1 – strap]
she swallow the whole bottle
so that mean she a scholar
you [5x]
yall follow us
if you drink champagne, watch the bottle bust
nada [5x] you cant kiss me
guala [3x] who don’t got none
b-tch please
gargle [3x]
open up ya mouth, now let me see you swallow


[verse 2 – quez]
say ahhhh
b-tch this ain’t trey songz
say ohhhh
cuz we bout to get it on
she can swallow the whole bottle
she is freaky, she’s a model
her friend’s geeky, but she swallows the whole bottle
the whole bottle


[verse 3 – ali]
well i ordered her a shot and then she said she want a bottle
so she opened up her mouth and she went gobble gobble gobble
she swallowed the whole bottle
thats crazy, thats amazing
she swallowed the whole bottle
her name is stacy, she’s only 18
like d-mn she so young, but she so fine fine fine
she legal so i’ll get it from behind hind hind
like d-mn think i’m running out of time time time
wait, can i think of one more line line line


- เนื้อเพลง travis porter