เนื้อเพลง too hort – checking my hoes


“checking my hoes”
(feat. birdman & jazze pha)

[intro/chorus: jazze pha]
hoes, hoes
just checking my
hoes, hoes
i like the way
i like the way she turn a n-gg- on
put it in her mouth
she brings me paper
takin n-gg-z home, turnin n-gg-z out

[too $hort]
see i made up my mind when i was only a child
that i would hang with the big dogs, runnin wild
in the streets chasin cats, they lace these macks
everywhere you go you know we take these gats
so they treat us like kings, they never try to play us
they wanna play with us cause they know why we players
i got it from my daddy, boy go tell your momma
i’m watchin cartoons man, i won’t, i’ma just
keep it to myself, and when i’m grown
i’ma get a lot of women and get my pimp on
like you, and now that’s what i do
got a bunch of broads just like the f-ck i knew
i ride through with a few, only top notches
hoes so fast you can’t use stopwatches
untyin ’em, so when you firin ’em
bend a b-tch over try to rip out the linin


it’s the pimps of the pimps player
went at hollered at $hort, come pimp with a player beotch!
baby girl, this our year
you see them lexus coupes, so mine don’t fear
gorilla pimpin, born hustlers
slash, the number one stunna
we them hood rich n-gg-z been ghetto bound
we worldwide hustlin, we ride uptown
it’s the same ol’ n-gg- with the platinum mouth
if ye ain’t got no food i ain’t goin in ya house
a lil’ n-gg-, freshly chilled
ma, i don’t drink no beer
i’m the big type n-gg- in that frozen weather
chinchilla, rammin on that soft–ss leather
i’ll fly in any weather, i pluck my own feather
swine on the g9, pocket full of cheddar beotch!


[too $hort]
got new b-tches, quite a few b-tches
too many hoes, that’s my life, and you wish
it was just a bunch of lies, cause you know it’s the truth
i stick and move cause these hoes’ll do
just about anything for the low-low
sometimes i daydream about my old hoes
but mostly i just look for a b-tch like stella
do what i tell her, and get my mozzarella

i’ll break a brick like i’ll break a b-tch
run a hundred miles to put some wheels on a whip
kool-aid, candy bars, cadillac, whip
silver and gold, barbecue out b-tch!
on them slab kitted out real slick
mommy dressed up in her brand new fit
tailor made louis and she ridin on 23’s
d-boy, birdgirl, i know you know me


[too $hort over chorus]
we ain’t worried about how to treat a itch
b-tch better worry about how to treat us
yeah, b-tch, rub my back

[second half of chorus]

[too $hort – still over chorus]
suck my d-ck, cook my breakfast b-tch
yeah, when you wash the dishes get your -ss back in bed


[second half of chorus]

[too $hort – over chorus again]
pimp sh-t! jazze pha
big baby
short dawg, so real

you know we love it
love the way these hoes treat us
oh we so special!

- เนื้อเพลง too hort