เนื้อเพลง tommygunreef – rather be high


tommygunreef (ft. german fitchson) – rather be high

[verse:] tommygunreef
fuck it man i rather be
higher than i ever be
loud up in the swisher
it’s the greenest that you’ll ever see
og, og got it straight from cali
no sleep
no sleep, apple to the tv
adventure time is on
an my mind is blown
drooling out my mouth and talking on the phone
banging frank ocean, pyramids in my zone
you girl all in my bed taking all this bone
and giving all this dome
she said she need a place called home
so trippy she can stay with me just gotta give me dome
hanging up my phone
groupies tweeting me when you leaking ya new songs

i’d rather be high

[verse:] german fitchson
i’m a get this shit ghetto than some fucking collar greens
4:11 and i want some fucking louder weed
i let this black b-tch ride this fucking daddy d-ck
on my instagram? drop emoji’s on my pic!
couple niggas old as shit but never leave the block
till they start purging at the top to see the block
what’s good nigga
what’s cracking g?
what they is though
my nigga these, giuseppe sneaks
you know i’m never cheap
you want a verse from me, better fucking hope an see
i love it when they call me big poppa
don’t sleep on me cause i’m getting hotter
le trap’

i’d rather be high

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