เนื้อเพลง the strange boys – dare i say


there goes my mouth
i was just thinking it came out
i didn’t mean to make you doubt
just what your live’s all about
i didn’t know about the truth
everytime i talk to you
i thought neighbours went to school
but i guess you only learn the rules
you were taught all wrong
but it’s not your fault
you just came along
you just came along
you know when it all began
who died where and when
but the man stays the same
his face is the only change
they don’t teach you that in cl-ss
’cause you’d never come back
you were taught all wrong
but it’s not our fault
we just came along
we just came along
in the warmth and original thought
speaks out and can’t be bought
always seems to end up shot
so don’t look so shocked
if on a clear bright day
i get blown away
look no further than the sea i aim

- เนื้อเพลง the strange boys