เนื้อเพลง the living wells – the manifesto


[intro sample 1: shawn kreuk]
it’s possible, maybe even probable
that this discussion, this subject that we’re about to discuss
is the most important thing you will ever hear

[intro sample 2: rabbi doniel katz]
we’ve all had these moments when we start, when we suddenly question what we see before our eyes
what society tells us is real
that i sense, “what if there’s something more?”
it’s a small, tiny flame that gets turned on within us
and it’s so subtle at the beginning that the smallest gust of wind may come and blow it out

[verse 1: moshe friedman]
before i even knew what our generation was missing
i knew my life would be dedicated to giving
they said people are thirsty and if you want to keep ’em living
you need to find your well, so grab a spade and start digging
i honed my craft, finally cracked my talent code
then i knew i had a balance owed
no art for art’s sake, i had to partake
i looked around and felt my heart break
cuz we’re so hooked on entertainment, can’t close our eyes
seeking thrills from horror films and roller coaster rides
like trying to get nutrition from a c0ke and fries
it’s the information age, why is no one wise?
and it’s no surprise we treat music like it’s candy
instead of the voice of truth that it can be
finally found a calling that was suitable
to find beauty in the meaning, and to make the meaning beautiful

[chorus: rick fox]
sing, play, time to get paid
this is the way, i’m looking for fame
the jewels, the clothes, the selling out shows
people stare wherever we go
good music? remember that it’s gone
heard about me? then remember this song
wanna help me? then sing along, come on
and let’s go – this is my manifesto

[verse 2: moshe friedman]
here’s what the plan is, let me be candid
i wanna reach more people than the grateful dead band did
don’t wanna be that flash in the pan kid
i wanna make the music you could listen to with your grandkid
that’s why i don’t write as quickly as a knee-jerk
cuz each song takes a month of thought and research
and why i pack so many words in each verse
cuz most truth can’t be told as a slogan on a t-shirt
and the day i write about the cars i acquire
that will be the day i retire
i write to inspire you beyond your common sense
if i needed self-confidence, i’d ask my mom for compliments
if you’re as important as how many people listen
why do we expect more from our teachers than our musicians?
i have one rule and i hope it’s clear to see:
i am here for you and you are not here for me


[verse 3: moshe friedman]
they say to reach the youth, you’re gonna have to sink low
gotta sell your soul, but i don’t think so
cuz more people are searching than even we know
and if i’m you’re cup of tea, well then come and drink slow
i’ve seen these kids and they look so curious
looking for the answers backpacking on the eurotrips
and flocking to the gurus who teach about impermanence
cuz they feel like they’re living like surrogates
and even if you’ve picked a career but still aren’t sure of it
i invite you to come down and listen just for a bit
whether you’ve joined greenpeace or you’re a banker
in this sea of information, i’m offering an anchor
and while some teach for the sake of getting famous
and others teach what’s unproven and often very dangerous
i just take what’s known and dress it up in clever language
cuz when you’re offering the truth, well the truth never changes


[end sample: rabbi doniel katz]
there’s a term that the greeks, the ancient greeks coined: “art for art’s sake”
the greeks believed that the ultimate form of art is that there’s no educational value, there’s no informational value, there’s nothing deeper there to communicate
what’s the point of making something if it doesn’t express anything?

- เนื้อเพลง the living wells