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เนื้อเพลง the jeff healey band – basin street blues


wont you come and go with me
down that mississippi
well take a boat to the land of dreams
come along with me on, down to new orleans

now the bands there to greet us
old friends will meet us
where all them folks goin to the st. louis cemetery meet
heaven on earth…. they call it basin street

im tellin ya, basin street…… is the street
where all them characters from the first street they meet
new orleans….. land of dreams
you’ll never miss them rice and beans
way down south in new orleans

they’ll be huggin…. and a kissin
thats what i been missin
and all that music….lord, if you just listen
new orleans….i got them basin street blues

now ain’t you glad you went with me
on down that mississippi
we took a boat to the land of dreams
heaven on earth…they call it basin street

- เนื้อเพลง the jeff healey band