เนื้อเพลง the cosha – show me my life


nice bright early morning
i’m throwing myself into the crowd
millions of faces p-ssing
and not even one seems familiar
not even one…

i’m spending my days locked in my walls
even the sun can’t find its way in
i hate this place it’s so very cold
where is my gun i feel like dying
where is my gun…?

today i don’t know what is real
there’s nowhere here to call my home now
today i don’t know how to feel
’cause there’s no one near to call my own now

turning the pages of endlessness
every single day feels like a simple year
where are you god when i need you’re bless
where is you’re voice i can’t even hear
where is your voice…?

there’s no religion that is a friend of me
it’s either right or wrong there’s nothing in between
ain’t no crucified or even hail marys?
that could show me my life, show me where ive been
show me my life…show me my


so i folded my hands and got on my knees
the preacher man said i should try these
some pardon me god and some hail mary’s
some candle lights for opportunities
but from out the cold comes a little breeze
the candles are dead, everybody freeze
the candles are dead everybody freeze
the candles are dead everybody…freeze


- เนื้อเพลง the cosha