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เนื้อเพลง t mills – me first


“me first”

i really wanna be with you baby but i gotta do me first.
i know you like it when were lovin and i know that it hurts.
when it’s all said and done at the end of the day i’ve already had my fun so there’s nothin left to say.

i tried to keep this goin as long as i coulda.
didn’t tell you things that i probably shoulda.
things were goin great from the moment that we hooked up.
now your head is down and i need you to look up.
not cause i hate you, i really wanna date you.
you just know no body can replace you.
not tryin to break you i just wanna make you see the things that i don’t do for me.
friends tellin you to forget me now they got you wishin that you never would of met me.
in a few years i’ll be back if you let me.
and when i’m on the road it’s okay if you text me.
if you can’t stand it feel like i planned this girl you’re dead wrong you’re dead wrong.
i wanna be honest i’m just not on it.
maybe one day maybe one day


it’s been a while since we talked last.
isnt it crazy how fast the time pasts.
remember the nights when we would lay awake.
and touch on each other till the break of day.
it’s funny how things change, i hope you’re doing great.
i found you’re picture in my wallet from our first date.
i hope you moved on but still remember me.
this is what i done at least we got memories.
don’t dwell on it. just smile now.
well be fine well be fine somehow

[chorus x2]

so there’s nothing left to say [x5]

[chorus x2]

- เนื้อเพลง t mills