เนื้อเพลง t i – on top of the world


(feat. ludacris, b.o.b)

[intro: ludacris (t.i.)]
rich by popular demand (the wait is over homie)
yes it is, a-town connection! (know the city gon’ feel this)
d-mn right (say toot, i know you see me, ‘cris!)
whattup boy? (i know both our pops lookin at us!)
wayne bridges, whattup? let’s go!
(big phil, we made this sh-t happen homie)
history in the makin (hey!) hey!
(momma i did it!)

[chorus: b.o.b.]
i used to dream (i used to dream) ohh-whoa (ohh!)
about the money and the cars and girls (and the girls)
but now i see (now i see) ohh-whoa! (ohh!)
because i’m sittin on top of the world! (the whole world)
and now i see (ay) see (ay) see (ay) see (ay)
cause i’m sittin on top of the world! (ay, ay, ay, ay)
and now i see (ay) see (ay) see (ay) see (ay)
cause i’m sittin on top of the world! (ay, ay, yeah, yeah)

ay, man i remember ‘fore i stay that way, let me issue this statement
no way should reflection be mistaken for glorification
now i remember so vivid, me and my n-gg-z was livin (how?)
sub-standard condition, still handlin business (that right)
still laughin and trippin, still happen to b-tches (okay)
i’m rappin not reminiscin, and godd-mn it we did it
from trappin, standin and pitchin with riches stand in the kitchen
splittin it eight ways, flip it in eight days
thought to wild and unruly but just the way to behave
kept the weigh and the yay’ for most the paper we made
and all dimes, i ain’t lyin, the pleasure was all mine
had big work to move but we served the small time
always outshine the n-gg-z with small minds
who would thought we’d be arguably the greatest of all time
’round here, we develop such a sound down here
been duplicated often still can only be found here (bankhead!)
only listen to g’s, that other sh-t i don’t hear
sh-t, they so far in the rear, why would i even care?
i’m too fit to bein a player, stare at n-gg-z careers
been talkin ’bout it for years and now we finally here


luda, luda! hear my heart on this one
true story! rest in peace wayne bridges

they say what goes up must come down but i ain’t reach my cruisin alt-tude
take a look at what i did, but can you imagine what i’m about to do?
the places i’m ’bout to go and the money i’m ’bout to see
gave bill gates some binoculars and said, “look out for me!”
exceeded expectations, even at def jam
cause i married the streets and atlanta has been my best man
my momma quit her job and now she works with six figures
cause i’m a self-made nappy headed rich n-gg-! (ohh!)
private planes help me travel in peace
to fo’ cities in one day and fo’ countries in one week
cause i, work for myself and no one else cause i’m too smart to
put one of my partners right through culinary art school (woo!)
now he my personal chef so that bread he get it
put ’em all in houses, cleaned up all of my friends’ credit (true!)
and now they witnessed all the glitz and the glamour
catch us eatin at straits atlanta with women with table manners
orderin singaporean lobster
celebratin comin from nothin to winnin grammy’s and rappers winnin oscars
yeah, and they say rappers shouldn’t act, nah suckers
we see samuel jackson like, “wh-ssup motherf-cker!”


hey, hey, hey, hey
i made it momma!

hey, hey
i know them haters don’t stop plottin and wishin we fall
cause i’m standin on top lookin down at it all (i see you)
{?} down all to y’all, it seems like i got it all
homie i ain’t get enough, we still tryin to triple up
that’s why we got streetcred and akoo buildin up
say i’m doin too much, sh-t, i say i ain’t did enough
remember sayin, “d-mn, if i could just get to a million plus”
and now i’m like, “sh-t, what the f-ck is a million bucks?”
triple that on my bond, thanks to bigs and run (appreciate it n-gg-)
but never mind what i been through, just look at what i become
all this sh-t i’ve avoided, what it done for my sons
and daughters and momma; just call her
i sold dope and dropped out of school, seems it’s all they can see
they don’t notice none of my family did that since me (nah)
i broke that cycle, now my family live a live for
mandatory minimals, but not when the judge sentence us
cousins in college, where you think they get tuition from?
(answer that) just for standin ’round wishin, huh?
hey while you stand around lookin dumb, i make it happen
takin action over time, got d-mn good at it


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