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เนื้อเพลง stephen lynch – waiting


it’s out of my hand’s and all i can do is wait
it’s not knowing that has put me in this state
the minute’s feel like hours the tension is too great
i’ve done my part and now it’s in the hand’s of fate

waiting for, may aid’s test to come back
i shouldn’t have f-cked that prost-tute wihout a prophylactic
waiting for, my aid’s test to come back
regret is dripping from like my s-m-n from her crack
and now i know

my nerves they have been frayed my pant’s they have been shat
i know the nurse will say “it’s time to have a chat”
at least i’ll never have to worry about getting fat
i should think positive, no wait i didn say that!

chorus 2
waiting for my aid’s test to come back
i never should have blown that tranny in my caddillac
waiting for my aid’s test to come back
i just had to taste that sweet forbidden nectar from the sack
and now i know

is it over will my jersey be retired
will my name stiched upon a quilt be required
did i make a difference was my life inpired
will denzel washington defend me when i’m fired

waiting for my aid’s test to come back
eating -sshole’s shouldn’t be an phrodesiac
waiting for my aid’s test to come back
if i’m clean i swear i will stop shooting smack (probably)

come on jesus let me live
make the test be negative
please forget and please forgive
please don’t let me have the hiv (spoken as a word not the initials)
oh my god without delay
the nurse is coming straight away
this is it my judgement day
tell me what does my test say…
i’m ok!
i’m ok!
i’m ok!
it’s just chlamydia!

- เนื้อเพลง stephen lynch