เนื้อเพลง stellar kart – jesus loves you


tell me what do you believe in
does your life have rhyme or reason
something in your heart that makes you care
i hope that you don’t mind me asking
but i have got a burning p-ssion
i need to know forever you’ll be there

i can’t make it clearer
put it any other way
if you can’t see the simple truth i do
then there’s nothing in this world that’s left to say
but jesus loves you

i know i don’t have all the answers
and i have wasted many chances
to prove to you a faith that lives inside
i’m praying there will be a breakthrough
cause i can’t be the one to save you
god knows how many times i’ve tried

i can’t explain
but i can’t deny
so many times for you i’ve cried
and to see you on your knees tonight

i cant make it clearer
put it any other way
to know you know simple truth i do
and to know that your forever has been changed
cause jesus loves you

- เนื้อเพลง stellar kart