เนื้อเพลง srvmore – non violent


{verse 1}
nonviolent nonviolent
caz i want peace man they calling me a tyrant
i am on my job i am on my -ssignment
i ain’t never shutting up, non silent non silent
i am on my island
put me in my own box
put me in confinement
it don’t matter
i don’t want to see no blood splatter
so i deal with the chit and the chatter, ahh
peace up, hate down
but they got they piece up to put a man down
i don’t understand now
blood spilling down the drain now
for the fame now, just to get a little name now
but ya name mean nothing
when shots busting like daffy you ducking
no fronting
let’s end the discussion about who the toughest
caz it never really mattered
and that’s for real
no shame in my game
probably shead a tear when i tell you how i feel
can they k!lling for the dollar bill
sometimes i wish i was dreaming zaz this can’t be real
this can’t be real
living in this nightmare i promise i will
bring change to the world no matter how i feel
caz if i don’t do it then tell me who will

non violent, non violent
my feet planted in peace
non violent, non violent (2x)
like martin luther king i got a dream
i don’t want to see no more violence on the streets
non violent, non violent

non violent, non violent (4x)

{verse 2}
it’s not a cliche
last night when i say i had a dream
woke up choked up
caz martin luther king, spoke to me
he was like
what you going do
are you going stay true
and let freedom ring
let freedom ring
let freedom ring
that’s what i’m doing king
ready for the march tying up my shoestring
but tell me how do overcome my mood swings
when they actin like civil rights is a new thing
he said control your anger
love is the only thing that overcome danger
and remember the son who was born in the manger
that was major
i was like yeah i know him
but somehow they become blind when i show them
royal flush in my hand but they wanting me to fold em
gambling they life bad dice they rolling
and i become the bad guy when i expose them
but they heart turn cold and they can’t let it go like frozen
but you must stay non violent non violent caz u are chosen

non violent, non violent (4x)

- เนื้อเพลง srvmore