เนื้อเพลง spitter – 626


[verse 1: spitter]
you f-cked your car up
cuz you f-king raced me
see me in route 28
you won’t even see me
now im straight chillin
so shawty what the f-k u want?
heard you talking sh-t bro
i dont wanna fight tho

start my engine up
rev to the maximum
put it in d
floor to infinity
call me mohit lama
im hotter than a suna
catch me in my mazda
thats parked outside my casa


[verse 2: vage garda; spitter]

wow, u wanna race me
but you can’t face me, cuz my rides tastey

wow, o let do it
you need a tool kit
cuz your rides a piece of sh-t

[verse 2: spitter]
1 cop slow down
then my car goes ka pow
wow that sh-t’s fast
so dont follow me around
the popo watchin me lika f-cking t.v
when they try to catch me
my sh-ts like a banshee
no, i dont smoke tree
but i get that rupee
then get tht a-k
and put you in the display
if the satan had a car, it would be 626
hp = six hundred and sixty six


[verse 3: j soul & debbie]

you know me n-gga
i run the block
its j soul i got a glock
i got the whips but no nos
if you see me, i look like rick ross (nardwaur)
i drive crazy just like ken block
i am the boss
i drink tht hot sauce
i rep the cross
upside down on my box…..ers


[verse 4: lil debbie]

dayum..where did you find this?

oh. its j soul, i run the block, i got a glock. yeah

dohee park up in this b-tch
you know me. you know how i do

i f-cks with dohee mayne

- เนื้อเพลง spitter