เนื้อเพลง sovereign beats – hide my tears



[verse 1: yellowjacket]
drop the guillotine, these rappers met their match
off to the lab again to load to the blasting caps
boom, like that your get torched in the rap
apparel won’t make you cool so f-ck the famous stars and straps
show me where the artists at, i’ll show them why they aren’t phat
sabotage the map, ’til i hear the garbage splat
in their gaudy raps, i hear a lot of talking smack
now here comes the yellowjack’, godzilla’s back
i know your fam’ heard of me, rocking the rap industry
got your folks asking how i spit so officially
here’s a message to those who diss abilities
you can get the f-ck out my area like aborigines
you trapped in false dignity, hoping for publicity
your game made artificially with rhyme scheme deficiency
we top royalty, smash every last affinity
eradicated instantly, from sovereign beats infantry

[verse 2: ant ace “the young wiz”]
and i do it like the best, walk around god flow
cause i got prays on my chest, but money on my mind
not worried about my shine, my paper equals time
so f-ck yours i’m getting mine, always on the clock
but unlimited time, unlimited rhymes, and unlimited shine
but one of your limits is the top, cause it’s mine
your girl is three cents, my chick is a dime
getting money, steady driving in the fast lane
finger out the window, as theses haters watch me p-ss man
i’m the best around hands down like 6:30
but my fans keep it up cause i’m fly like a birdy
don’t play no football, but when g get my first car
bright yellow paint, all suicide doors
when we get out they tell me its good
real ghetto sh-t, but i’m not from the hood!

[verse 3: juggernaut]
samuel l. jackson; i’m going off on every track
and my soul is not fiction. and as a matter of fact
i’m sick of hearing every rapper chatter about they f-cking swagger
it’s easy when you got the money; can them cats get any fatter
sovereign beats blast the heat
sweating to the oldies, and there ain’t no ac
always go hard in the game; paul konerko
march of the f-cking bulls; derrick rose
oh no, the sh-t i do offend you?
run up on your spot and leave you and your whole crew
black and blue. open the door ‘cause we breaking through
talent tried and true. you’d quit tripping if you’d just tie your f-cking shoes
if you hate me, then you probably g-y
you need some medication; preparation h
it’s the j-u-g-g-e-r-n-a-u-t
full suit of armor, always stay elite
wanna get a hold me so you can spit some hate
it’s 3-8-2-5-9-6-8
hard to get a hold of; presidential head of state
leave a message after the tone
“hey man, i heard your songs; d-mn that sh-t’s whack
that’s f-ckin’ ridiculous, a bunch of white kids tryin’ to rap?!”
racism is schism on a serious tip
so shut the f-ck up, and don’t be so d-mn ignorant
i got more talent than all of audioslave
i’ll wipe you off the face of the earth; apocalyptic razor shave
give me a guitar; i’ll play it better than lil’ wayne
my sk!ll might just resurrect stevie ray
i’m like midas, everything i touch turn to gold
and after this mixtape drops, swagger twofold
might just cure the common cold
add it to the list of goals to achieve before i get old

- เนื้อเพลง sovereign beats