เนื้อเพลง souls in chains – angel of mercy


hail mary full of grace
blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb jesus
holy mary
mother of god
pray for us sinners
now and at the hour of our death

notti protette di nerezza
soli ostruito verso i’esterno la mary vergine purezza
con ebrezza
rebellious my bambini gather
aristocrat’s inequity
bibles burnt pile on the matchbooks of graffiti’ chapters
sirius tucked behind the clouds
astrologic execrated factors buried deep within the brain tissues
rubricate the loose sleeve with my insides
blind fold the raptured eyes
the moons have now eclipsed the sunshine
the zeitgeist
christian corpses nailed to religious crosses
sinicate the high life initial movements of a wicked offset
we’ve reached the pinnacle of promise
limbs through every bar deviate with knowledge
implicate the revolutions start
intricable times feed the poison to the people no discouragement
intricable lies not only we encourage them
but what the f-ck will tomorrow bring?
luck and anthrax i stand back
hoping i make it through tomorrow

close your eyes
the world is coming down the world is falling down
close your eyes
feel your heart drop as your dreams h-t the floor
close your eyes
watch the final day we’ve hit the final phase
close your eyes
pray and pray look away hope there’s something more

i’m watching buildings burning down
falling out with black clouds
priests ready to shout
mothers locking places in heaven with prayers
thrown like stones through church windows
angels know who’s going with them
children wrapping tight around stuffed comforting friends
revolutions from revelations brew time and again
nights bring silence among fearful disciples
as worlds fall from shattered temples
hold out a helping hand to the helping man
saints stare down the barrels of an angel’s chrome devil
if i wake up will this still be the world that i see
with eyes closed and arms out
i’m wondering if heaven
really isn’t just another cloud

[sample: kevin sp-cey][bridge]
the greatest trick
the devil ever pulled
was convincing the world
he didn’t exist

spiritually celestial like crack with out the crystal method
iodine brainwaves to maintain the simple lessons
signaled message, issued weapons, civil vengeance
little questions, scripture severance, scribbled vexing
ketamine in the dark count your confessions
chemical substance with sustenance
re-ill-strate the sustenance
sustain a tight grip
the world there’s hope in none of it
inject the stubbornness to the surrcosage
literature in pure dosage
blind sight in hindsight a dying side to a clear focus
lord just guide me your loneliest offspring
i’m toking and floating the tylenol bring peace like gandhi
intellectual hardly celestial probably
heemyer banging through the co dozer and a wrecking ball monopoly
satanic idealistic powdered anesthetics
pack a punch with every snuff
put the pipe down price has rising
shoot the line up skies the limit
cut crush the gl-ss and supply the sickness
now, we living in this f-cked up place
these f-cked up days
watching time die in a f-cked up state
put my hands together and pray life grows harder
father hold me the light grows cold the nights grow darker
tube pulled from the throat of terri schiavo
blood streams from the face of a new born child
blisters on my palms pain sketched so deep
living men cant perceive things that the dying man thinks

- เนื้อเพลง souls in chains