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เนื้อเพลง smartbomb – worcester, ma


we’ve got some clout in this town
so peace out
we’ve got friends
on practically every single street
i’ve seen every block
from the bottom to the top
and always landed on my feet
from highland to hollywood
beacon to birch
hacker our to salisbury
main south to maywood
canterbury to church
i always find good times
wherever i go
time after time
after time after time after time
it’s not a mystery
i think it’s friday night
and my vision is kinda blurry
my speech is slurry
and i’m drinking like
i’m in some kind of hurry
down at ralph’s
we got the crew there
yeah we’re all here
so good to see ya
i hate to leave ya
i live up every moment
wherever i go
i take a piece of my home with me
wherever i go

- เนื้อเพลง smartbomb