เนื้อเพลง skye sweetnam – why doesn’t santa like me?


i wake up on christmas morning
bright and early, catch the morning glow
see the pretty flakes out the window
all the trees are covered in snow

then it came
my greatest fear
coal instead of candy
in my stocking this year

i said please and i said thank you
i made him milk and cookies
wrote him letters, sent pictures
santa even wrote back
for all the bad things, i’m sorry
don’t forget about my christmas tree
i thought i was a good girl
so why doesn’t santa like me?
like me
like me
like me

i didn’t rip my sisters dairy
when i took it for show and tell at school
and my brother has recovered
from the time he took the remote control

so on your good list
there better be my name
or else my christmas this year
just won’t be the same

[chorus x1]

my stocking fell over
and out poured all the goodies
there was candy and a cd
the black coal was a teddy
so i stood there in amazement
and i named him mr. buckles
and i feel like such a good girl
now i know that santa likes me
likes me
likes me
likes me

- เนื้อเพลง skye sweetnam