เนื้อเพลง sisqo – addicted



girl i think about you
dan when don’t i think about you.
everyday, every night,.
dan,. its hard for a n-gg- to talk about
stuff like this, but.. dang….
i guess…,i guess all i can say is..
i’m addicted..addicted to loving you!!.

i know your busy but i must interceed
gril i know i don’t deserve you
that’s why i still i do believe
that were still together after all of this time
and i cant get you out of my mind (my mind).
im addicted to loving you.
baby said i’m addicted..
i’m addicted to loving you.
don’t you know baby
i’m addicted to loving you.
baby yes i ammmm.
i’m addicted to loving you.. yeaah
these type of feelings are so hard to express
darling, i must confess that’s it got to be real loving.
oh girl! i’m feen’in if you know what i mean..
cuz every day i got to have you like a
excuse my expression.
excuse my expression but its making me weak..
every day i gotta be with you..
babyyy its not just a s-xual thing.
cus i’m addicted to loving youuuu!


(cant do anything.. cant do anything)
so i sing i sing i sing i sing
cus baby your looove is so good to me
its makes, it makes me, it makes me soo
happy (all the time)
no other love compares to, compares to..
yours and mine..


know i’m addicted,
you kno i’m addicted..
i’m feenin baby,..
know i’m addicted
all nite, addicted to loving you
said i think about you
and i cant live without you babe!
don’t you know you drive me crazy.
i’m crazy!.. i’m crazy!

[chorus til fade….]

(loving you babe [x6])

- เนื้อเพลง sisqo