เนื้อเพลง shawty lo – feels good to be here


(i love you daddy~!)
awww, i love you too
hood n-gg-; yeah, i told you i would
i told you i would – hey!
hey, ay

[chorus: repeat 2x]
it feels good to be here [3x]
i musta done somethin right here, the kid right here

[shawty lo]
ninety-three, my granny left me
so confused, my home is the streets
for although i chose to stand
i was like, “d-mn what about me, and?”
a young teen forced to be, a grown man
who idol was michael jordan, not a dopeman
“dopeman, dopeman” yet it’s me
and ever since i heard that, yeah that’s me
a 9th grade dropout, got a rock at the park
me and kurt ridin dirt, servin slims out the car
dope boy fresh boy man i swear i was ballin
fit from kel, got my kicks from walter


[shawty lo]
they say i lucked up to get where i am
real talk n-gg- i’m the man
(?) can’t understand
grindin every n-gg- if i didn’t, did and
yeahhh, i ran the b-tch like nino
see lo man but my real name carlo
hood rich n-gg- comin straight from the kennel
(?) street, shawty lo, jay leno
yeah i’m im-proved
i made it do the do
d4l, who would ever knew
i musta dona something right, right? yeahhhh


[shawty lo]
oh yeah, i got love for you haters
you really motivate a player
ayy, i couldn’ta did it without ya
on the real, still did it without ya
grandma, i told ya i got’cha
you told me i could and you told me i can
never had doubt, in your lil’ man
i swear to god you’re the reason i stand
all i’m sayin


[telephone skit:] “i’m in the booth right now, i’ll call you right back”

- เนื้อเพลง shawty lo