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เนื้อเพลง shakin stevens – hot dog


my baby works in a hot dog stand,
makin’ them hot dogs as fast as she can.
up steps a cat, now don’t be slow.
get me two hot dogs ready to go.

hot dog, she’s my baby, hot dog, drives me crazy,
hot dog, don’t mean maybe,
you ought to see my baby in a hot dog stand.

in the cool of the evening when the sun goes down,
all the cats and the chicks all gather round.
they order hot dogs and red soda pop,
then they head downtown to a hep cat hop.

repeat chorus.

i’m waiting for my baby every night at twelve.
she closes up the top and then we lose ourselves.
at a hep cat hop any crazy way,
we’re doin’ the bop till the break of day.

repeat chorus.

now the cats here and how been hangin’ around,
trying to get my baby, trying to put me down.
she either don’t hear, she either don’t care.
maybe it’s the way that i brush my hair,

repeat chorus.

- เนื้อเพลง shakin stevens