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เนื้อเพลง set it off – nightmare


they’re coming creeping from the corner
and all i know is that i don’t feel safe,
i feel the tapping on my shoulder,
i turn around in an alarming state,
but am i losing my mind?
i really think so.
not a creature in sight.

but, what you don’t know is that my breathing gets faster and so does my heartbeat
i wish this was over.
i wish that this was a dream but…

i created a monster, a h-ll within my head.
i’ve nowhere to go. i’m out on my own
my mind impaired
awake me from my nightmare

wait, something doesn’t feel right.
no, something seems wrong
and i’ve been feeling this way for far too long
as my vision gets blurred my skin’s getting colder.
appearing young, while i’m growing older.
i collapse to the floor and scream, “can anybody save me from myself?”

walking to the ledge
i find myself looking down.
frozen still with fear.
now i’m plunging to the ground
if only i knew how to fly,
then i could convince myself this isn’t my time to dies
instead, i’m rocketing faster and faster
i dive bomb to the floor and when my body crashes to the pavement i’m right back where i was before.

no! this is my nightmare, out on my own
i’m so scared! awake me from my nightmare!

- เนื้อเพลง set it off