เนื้อเพลง sam fuel – nobody mess with me


[verse 1: horrid sam]
drain you in the sink, moron, you can’t stop me
you can’t even robbing us and you can’t copying us
you think i’m gonna drain yer brains from the lake grave
slavery trains from my collage visions of insane
battlefield with battlefront for including the streets
refill the painting fake blood with extra water leaks
supporting wu-tang clan collections with affections
and disobey the molestation from my way of infections
dying bird with dog mouth and watch yer mouth, look yer speaking with me
swearing the whole world seems it doesn’t like that enemy
you don’t have to fall asleep as you can’t be disgraced
behave like a good boy between of a great
souls man seems like demonic possession with ultraviolent
constructing the beat, sell the skull island
i’m originally insane of yer cranial cracks
put inside the satanic worshipper necklaces inside a bag

[chorus: unthroboxes]
n0body’s mess with me and i’m gonna prank on you
we saw you get to strangle you, i’m gonna wrangle you
i could go in the visions from prank on as you
hand the [?] their [?] (x2)

[verse 2: unthroboxes]
i’m the one of evil when i’m malevolent
and i were looking my [?]
and i’m gonna [?] purpose [?] butcher [?] that i’m good to sizzlin
i am the murder of the [?] purpose, the malevolent
and to be continued, [?] stinkin [?] helvellyn
[?] open to the [?]
and [?] to [?]
[?] through your putrid [?] cook some food
rather make you will going to catch you like freddy krueger
music went never, it’s like ooga booga booga
you [?] good taste, it’s like booga booga!
[?] leave em dreamin cos its stormer
and dig it if [?] k!llin em [?]
[?] bringing at [?] thick no putrid [?] miner
and [?] butchers from the liquid to the [?] with the [?]


[verse 3: horrid sam]
dwelling to the mandatory store every [?]
[?] renaissance of abattoir
drenching you in cold water as i wreck the slaughter
ravenous visions of yer murderers keep it harder
yer equilibrium introduce the unlimited versions
and gaffer tape my hand to charging the allergic
filling off yer face with the dead ants and the spiders
i shoot up with the sniper, watch the iron causes of snider
the serial k!ller concentrating you with my root tree
the poetry is disconnected, it’s shall be disrespected
simulate yer brain with a virus hacking block down
terminate the school building, they screaming in lockdown
i operate yer mouth with my sharpening [?]
the law uses the sword to wrecking the house
demanding you with a crucifix necklaces
watch yer brain hacking with the viruses when yer headless
yer headless, yer headless, yer headless


[verse 4: unthroboxes]
[?] revenge [?]
[?] original [?]
and then you need to bring your [?]
cannibal tribe and they [?] describe
and it wasn’t feeling cos i’m bringing last night
during in this [?] night, you’ll get crucified time
and the throbbing give some food she gives if dying
[?] crucifix improve
and the victim rude and i’m gonna cut balloon
and i’m gonna throw it then i’ll k!ll you with a broom
and the middle thingy [?]
and you [?]
i’ll dig the venomous soup and the venomous spider
open the [?]
and then you [?] cos i’m really [?]

[chorus x3]

[outro: sam]
yeah, sam, october 2017, make you disappear
yeah, dinosaurs will come to eat you, you chicken

(other people screaming)

- เนื้อเพลง sam fuel