เนื้อเพลง russell! – did it on my own


[verse 1]
every track i put my verses on, i’m blatantly hurting y’all
ending all your shows, the curtain call to certain songs
asian steve urkel, murkin’ the service urgency
you worthless little stains on my shirt, i’m your detergent
i’m bout to show you kittens that the dog is out
every rapper i started i fathered, they’re all adopted now
i don’t see you babies ain’t no ultrasound
i’m austin powers, mojo on the track once i own it, it’s a rap
every beat they sent to me
got me makin’ ya’ll look elementary
all you rappers choke a lot, no nestle
i get to rippin’ come listen when i wreck this beat (hey)
see you ain’t gotta tell me make my flow tighter
young and i did it without a ghost writer

who we gon
who we are
they getting mad i be k!lling every song
they say that they gonna k!ll me, i’mma tell them that they won’t
never needed another i just did it on my own
i just did it on my own (x5)

[verse 2]
all they did was really try to hate this filipino
like this kid is weak but really i was freaking lethal
and i ain’t really acting racial, but my skin is running rapid
i was ch-nky but surprised them when i spit just like a black kid
scary like an arachnid, dare me to show some action
i blasted all on the track, mariah carey and nick cannon
no gun play, still i’m k!lling writtens to a measure
i ain’t gotta sell dope, i just spit it on the record
got the mind of an einstein, shakespeare when i write rhymes
goliath when i’m at my prime, david when it is fight time
they just know my music’s dirty, who would hurt me?
wanna match with me, homie you ain’t worthy cause you know that


[verse 3]
they don’t want to hear the track’s alright, with the whack words ? ripping this raw
didn’t know i spit crack all night, all these raps are fried, no chicken ? fall
not the type to stay around, i’mma lay it down, i’m letting me be free
to do what i want cause n0body will ever be over to come and try to believe in me
i’mma whoop on this
? verses and hooks ?
we robbing this stage like a crook ?
i know ya’ll are just mad
none of ya’ll ? of the fact
that i (made it), made it mad that i’m doing this all for my mom and dad
k!lling and ripping these verses and rhythms, the fact is i’m here and i’m planning to stay
sick and i’ve risen the picture ? i’m wild it’s sort of an animal cage
missing my lyrical fizz on the internet, sorry well i’ll just go back to that stage
? this whole thing, you’re an imbecile kid, and i’m leaving right now, so just have a nice day


- เนื้อเพลง russell