เนื้อเพลง rozz dyliams – walk up to your house


[mr sche is too hard to even comprehend what hes saying but anybody can try]

[dylan ross]

yo sche i got it from here
look into the eyes of the k!ller with the mask off blast off walk up to your house and blow your -ss off
dash off like a bandit in the night and im controlled by gama light a double pump will blow your nads off
hats off to the k!llers in my hood that understand it ain’t all good unless you serve a higher power
tie you to the hitch of the steamer then let your body drag on hot cement until you disintegrate in a couple hours
make a lemon lame cower devour the flesh of the dead that i summoned in the tower
fullfilling the prophecy got so much animosity demonic ent-ties got me clicking performing atrocities
i’ll sacrifice a virgin to my father mephistopheles
i properly break you off all you had its not my property
and if you gotta face then ima show you where my glock will be im back at the kitchen performing rituals and chopping keys

so drop to your knees

- เนื้อเพลง rozz dyliams