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เนื้อเพลง redman ft method man – how high


takin’ it from the top? tippy? tippy?
how high? the ultimate high

‘scuse me, as i kiss the sky
sing a song of six pence, a pocket full a rye
who the f-ck wanna die for their culture
stalk the dead body like a vulture

tical get, blacker than your blackest stallion
hit your house’n projects, i represent the shaolin my n-gg-
h-ll yes, apocalypse now, the gun blow
it be goin’ down, diggy diggy down diggy down down

while the planets and the stars and the moons collapse
when i raise my trigga finga all y’all n-gg-z hit the decks
’cause ain’t no need for that, hustlers and hardcores
raw to the floor raw like reservoir dogs

the green-eyed bandit can’t stand it
with more fruitier loops then that toucan sam b-tch
plus, the bombazee got me wild
f-ckin’ with us is a straight suicide

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, murder 1 lyric at your door
tical bring it to that -ss raw, breakin’ all the rules like gl-ss jaws
n-gg-, you got to get mine to get yours
f-cka, we don’t need no rap tour
i’d rather kick the facts and catch you with the rapture

more than you bargained for
tical, that stays open like an all nite store
for real, i keeps it ill like a piece of blue steel
pointed at your temple with the intent to kill
and end your existence, m e t, ain’t no use for resistance, h o d

i bees the ultimate rush to any n-gg- on dust
the egyptian musk use to have me pull mad sl-ts
i shift like a clutch with the ruck
examine my nuts, i don’t stop till i get enough

your sh-t broke down, light your flare
since the dark side tears you into hollywood squares
6 million ways to die, so i chose
made it 6 million and 1 with your eyes closed

the blindfold, cold, so you can feel the rap
and shatter the gl-ss and second half on your monkey -ss
and yo my man tical hit me now
b-tches use to play me now they cant forget me now

forget me not, i rock the spot, check glock
empty off a lickin’ off a hip hop
f-ck the billboard, i’m a bullet on my block
how you dope when you payed for your billboard spot?

look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane
it’s the funk doctor spock smokin’ buddha on a train
how high? so high that i can kiss the sky
how sick? so sick that you can suck my d-ck

look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane
recognize, johnny blaze, ain’t a d-mn thing changed
how high? so high that i can kiss the sky
how sick? so sick that you can suck my d-ck

’til my man raider ruckus come home
it ain’t really on till the ruckus get, home
puff a methbone, now i’m off to the red zone
we don’t need your dirt weed we got a f-ckin’ own

check it, i brings havoc with my hectic
bring the pain lyrics screamin’ for the antiseptic
movin’ on your left kid, and i’m methted, out my f-ckin’ dome piece
plus i got no love for the beast, hailin’ from the big east coast

where n-gg-z pack toast
home of the drug kingpins and cut throats
(hey boy, you’s the rude boy on the block
you try and stop the b-m rush you will get popped)

as i run around with a racist
my style was born in the 50 stair cases
dig it, eff a rap critic, he talk about it while i live it
if red got the blunt, i’m the second one to hit it

look up in the, i got the verbs, nouns and glocks in ya
enter the centa, lyrics bang like ricochet
rabbit, i brings havoc with an ak- matic
rollin’ blunts an all day habit

i get it on like smif’n’wes
punks take a sip and test, who split your vest
the funk phenomenon, i’m bombin’ you like lebanon
blow c-n-ls of panama, just off stamina
styles not to be f-cked with, or played with
f-ck the pretty hoes, i love those section a b-tches

hittin’ switches, twistin’ wigs with
fat radical mathematical type scriptures
i dig up in your planets like diga,
boo, scared you, blew you to smithe-reens
f-ck the marines, i got machines
to light the spliff, and read mad magazine

i fly more heads than continental
wreck ya 5 times like us air off an instrumental
look i’m not a half way crook with bad looks
but i may murder your case like your name was cal brooks
i breaks ’em up proppa, ask biggie smalls, “who shot ya?”
funk doctor, with the 12 gauge mossberg

look, i got the tools like rickle, to make your mind tickle
for the nine nickle
(yo red, yo red)
punk -ss, p-ssy -ss
(you ain’t gotta say no more man, that’s it)
word up tical, we out
(it’s over)

- เนื้อเพลง redman ft method man