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เนื้อเพลง rascalz – a way with words


“a way with words”

slick talk
i slicker talker on the mic misfit
teaching you with the words i choosing
so now i gotta blink
and keep something blank
somethings smooth
show you that i go the
power of the sorcerer
when i invoke this enchantment
comes upon you and enhance it
you can’t do it
better than the misfit
ways with words
words with ways
i switch topic back and forth
this track is telling you
that i can come with the vocab anytime
open upy your eyes and see that i ain’t
flgoging around that ain’t nothing
that ain’t amazing
as a i put you in a daze
sprouting form the tip
ooh lie that
now on to the limit of the mesh of the mic
grade a beef
i think not brother
you can’t compare mine to yours
think jaw
the lyrical never falls for n-body
this is the way it goes
slow down
so you can check the something
that will be coming in like that
and fresh
putting you the verbal
verbal skill (at it’s best)
press on to the another summit
the apex is coming near
so flex it as i
by p-ss with the next sh-t
the next sh-t
coming from the brother
once again i am back and showing you i’m profound
ill lyrical
as i p-ss it to the man red one
on the microphone
you are all are done
ways with words
words with ways
thats the way it goes
as we put you in a daze
a way with words
ways with words
but when you understand
you’ve left in a daze
red one
whats the logical explanation that makes sense
and clearly define my
tactical manoeuvres
straight from the bluntline
gives me the reason to hunt me
drive in stay alive
mentally divide
my foundation, my structure
no i got a lyrical enterprise
so f-ck ya
who’s ever tried ta
get intense with the dapper
original rude boy
yes i must put a stop to it
without bucking them down
but will knuckle clap ya
proceed on
me myself and i
plus the crew number two
to a culture to which i am true
i outlast because i surp-ss
don’t ask just be ready
prepared and equpped
things are about to get heavy
and so we should ya
words with way
ways with words
by the time you understand
you are left in the haze
words with way
ways with words
by the time you understand
you are left in the haze
misfit and the red one left you in th haze

- เนื้อเพลง rascalz