เนื้อเพลง q-unique – listen to the words


[verse 1: ill bill & q-unique]
begin the black-magic ritual
nuclear goons, troopers of doom
cubans with jewels, shooters with shrooms
funeral shoes with a beautiful view
woke up inside the casket so i had to shoot the uzi through the roof
and you can lose me with the truth of it
covered in lies
platinum rappers is federal agents under disguise
keep your enemies close enough to show love
the matrix special effects and hit em with slow slugs
i’m the prototype, the white dolomite
la c-ka nostra on a solo flight
exploding mic
ill bill souls ignite
q-unique we rolling tight
a pistol fight you hold a knife
you know the type – begging for a record deal ___
secret technology, trauma-based mind control
department of defense’s mechanism got your soul
department of the science mechanism got your brain
programming your life-style until you gone and gone insane

b b boys boys boys, listen to the words
b b boys boys boys, if this is life ____
b b boys, listen to the words
b b boys, listen to the words

[verse 2: q-unique & ill bill]
genetically altered mutated human beings
teleportation, phasing through the ceiling
keep a low profile through the high drama
and take innocent victims like a suicide bomber
i explode, witness the terror
a villain for realer
out of here interstellar
open your head like an umbrella
rain on your parade bringing a thunder storm
brooklyn army attack formation guns are drawn
marching our blood-thirsty legions of war
illuminati at the round table squeezing the four-
pound eagle out the barrel screaming for vengeance
the people are restless
flying guillotines leaving them headless
going off the cranium decapitating rappers
incapacitated actors
when i blasting blazing at them it’s a m-ssive game disaster
master of ceremony spitting the street metal
evacuate the street corner till the heat settles


- เนื้อเพลง q unique