เนื้อเพลง project pat – still ridin’ clean


(feat. juicy j)

[chorus x2]
still riding clean, making cheese, and getting my d-ck sucked
still making cheese, riding clean, and getting my d-ck sucked

[project pat]
i swear i’m going through a thang but i gotta snap back
give it all to god it’s tha pistol but tha crack back
staying on my job dealing wit hatas wit a j-p slap
dealing wit this mob lice watching studio phone tapped
you best believe that i could see it from a mile away
thought that my girl was down sleeping wit the enemy
the streets are dangerous i could be dead any day
that’s why i’m riding wit my dog smoking plenty hay
this sh-t contagious doing dope and its killing me
even though i know i hit the snow is you feeling me
i’m looking good twenty-three’s on that flipping paint
them twelve golds in my mouth making these b-tches faint
now can’t a n-gg- see i ain’t got no time for games
i’m on this hennessey and i’m quick to shoot dat thang
but f-ck dat one of my young n-gg-s’ll take the charge
i’m stacking loot m-th-f-ck looking behind some bars

[chorus x4]

[project pat]
out slanging brickas the project n-gg- row-a
a playa that’s fa show-a i’m charging a hoe-a
you weak n-gg-s know-a you step and i fire
yo life will expire you need to retire
yo b-tch call me sire she flat like a tire
shot nut in her eye-a on that i don’t lie-a
the fact of the matter she blow out the frizzame
i keep me some powder so i’m getting brizzain
i’m out dodging felonies and f-ck dat c-ke
cause a n-gg- loving these streets and that’s of course
mane i hate to see the judge face and that’s fa sho
praying that he’ll drop the case and let me go
cause i like smoking good green motel-io
stick my d-ck in a hoe’s mouth and there i go
getting drunk off of liquor and smoking this dope
put the green in the swisher i’m getting blowed

[chorus x4]

[juicy j]
you know who you are you hating -ss b-tch
you tried to change yo name but you can chew on my d-ck
i ain’t playing wit you hoes and you federal snitches
wanna walk up to this pimp and get a hole in ya tensions
always talking ’bout the juice hoe i been on the town
i done blowed a hundred g’s hoe you homey the clown
you can call ya girlfriend and me & pancho can meet her
she can lick our -ss out or she can suck on our peters
north north is the hood b-tch you know we are real
know you scared to ride through know you gon’ meet the steel
can’t forget about you cowards you be high when you talk
n-gg- i f-ck yo fat -ss wife and put her on the house
juicy j is the playa that you love to hate
boy you betta get a deal or try to sell you some weight
everytime you see me coming lemons know what i mean
cause i been riding bentley, roys, and i’m still on the scene

[chorus x4]

- เนื้อเพลง project pat