เนื้อเพลง plies – murkin’ season


ey i’d like to welcome all you motherf–kers man
to the home of the goons,where the grave yards over corwded
and where chopperz is a must!

[verse 1]
you caught slippin crackers goin find ur -ss not breathing
100 wholes in ur -ss with ur body leaking
n-gg- ridin with em drums n-gg- for a reason
cuz down here we in the middle of murking season!

stay on ur porch n-gg- if u aint ready to make a shake
cuz this the home of the bodies check the muder rate
money and ski’s is the only that’ll be the murder case
so you better kill him if u dnt want him at ur court date
if u comin u better come with em choppers and dont fake
cuz if u bullsh-t you’re the one that’s getting erased
this n-gg-z murikin out p-ssy n-gg-z in broad day
where-ever you get caught slippin at that’s where u lay
and like they say n-gg- no face, no case!!
as long as these goons are lurkin these streets aint safe
the more rounds you shoot n-gg- the less aim it takes
it’s murkin season so you p-ss-es better stay out the way!

[verse 2]
murkin season dont end, this sh-t year round
it aint never drop murkin season never slow down
it’s imposibble to many choppers floating around

these young n-gg-z they sick with it on that 4 pound!
lil cuzin 12 and all he talking is murkin now
old lady said she got woke up by that chopper sound
say she got on her bed and laid back down
from what i heard em crackers fired 120 rounds
4 motha f–kin dead bodies laying on the ground
n-gg-z bettin on it now, who goin get off first?
running ur f–k box better what how u choose u words
that n-gg- sending threats p-ssy u got alot of nerves
n-gg-z would leave ur motherf–kin brains on the burb
this ain the 80’s dawg… n-gg-z getting murked
everywhere you turn you see dead n-gg-z ono t-shirts
everytime i p-ss by the grave yard i see a herse…

[verse 3]
not respecting these streets is what got you n-gg-z f–ked
that oussy n-gg- aint about it, he jus know hwo to bring tongue
runnin ur d-ck suckin lips would get you chopped up
i know plenty n-gg-z like you that done got touched
you talking loud cuz u got a chopper n-gg- that aint enough
i know 100 n-gg-z that got choppers but only few would bust!!
u got the mouth of a killa but you aint got the guts
u got the front game down packed but you aint got the nuts
u probably got off before but you aint wack nothing
this the wrong place to play games dawg the streets real
trying to impress a mothaf–ker would get you n-gg- killed
murking season is offcial now this sh-t for real!!

- เนื้อเพลง plies