เนื้อเพลง pavers – mysterious


i won’t let it bother me. let it remain a mystery.
will always be nonsense to me.
i don’t care. i can’t care now that i see.

that it ain’t like i thought it was. i can’t believe i thought it was
the way i thought it was because
i’m so smart. i’m too smart and too tough.

oh it’s better to never ask,
’cause we live in a world of gl-ss
and we each got a pile of stones.
don’t want no one to throw one.

and i don’t want to talk too much, or take the chance i’ll say too much.
’cause everyone’s so serious. we’re all so mysterious.

children of children are busy being scary
while social wraps their babies up in groceries
and tries not to get caught over here.
it got how it is ’cause we don’t know all that we think we know. no we don’t.
over here we make fashion from fear
yeah that’s how it is. we’re all manson over here.

we’re all so mysterious.
we’re not so mysterious.

- เนื้อเพลง pavers