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เนื้อเพลง paula abdul – alright tonight


alright tonight

you came down
a twisted up road
you’ve been traveling
for light years

you got here the same time

those tears found their way

down your face
i fought with the laws tooth and nail
and i traveled by night, dear

you’re a sight for sore eyes i’ve been looking all over the place

up where the angels sigh
down where the dreams get smashed on the rocks
you and i

wait to begin again
lifted above by a love
that does not end

i’m alright tonight
i’m alright

you’re alright tonight
you’re alright

we’re alright tonight
it’s alright tonight

you picked up some pieces of light
as you broke through the speed of sound

i was rockin’ around in my own two-dimensional way

now when i hear that jet engine blow
then i know you are leaving town

baby, i’d follow you to the edge of it all, anyway

up where the kingdom comes
down where the streets take the breath of another young gun
love is a whispered prayer
shot like a spark through the heart
of dark despair


i don’t regret any nineteen-year-old indiscretions
i can still fit both my feet in my mouth, anyway
but these days i’m just not as willing to nurse the obsession
(no no no)

if the doc says it’s got to come out
then i’m happy to pay

[chorus x2]

- เนื้อเพลง paula abdul