เนื้อเพลง paranom & purpose – dreamz


feel like real life
i can do whatever within my dreams
it’s much more
much more

[verse 1]
see my life rewinded through the night shade
enlightened when you frightened
visions heightened through a light wave
but see your eyes are closed
excited like a shock gauge
the itis got you crashin’ on my planet
see you quite dazed
you think it’s life you livin’
’cause senses ignite days
when it’s your brain tellin’ you
how to be servants of white ways
beyond the blockade of curfew
i feel that life’s same
a perfect reversal of personal virtue
what’s insane?
it’s symbology
what’s the root word in lucid and lucifer?
this dichotomy crucify
ruthless psychology
mathmagician theology
solace the lawless
undercover breakin’ mythology
down to minor league
gotta be diamonds in the palace
pineal gland
to wake up from this penal land of the f-cks
knuckles of dragons
pictures of baggage
fallin’ from ladders
descended my subconscious of ancients
bang in the attic

[hook] – 2x
open books of libraries from the ancient
the future that i share among my generation
some will have they dreams plotted with arrangement
some will have they schemes plottin’ to deface them

[verse 2]
gettin’ faded to explore universe inside me
dreams of runnin’
with the world crumblin’ behind me
under water with the sharks
knawin’ on them bodies
with they t–th fallin’
speech codes of hammurabi
it feel as good as when she c-m in keys
the liberace
twirlin’ the fibonnaci ratio
the golden posse
different shades of black emboss me
darkest than the coffee
sniffed for insomnia
andromeda that dripped the fauci
of acid rainin’ but a natural high
beyond the cavemen
h-ll is the cayman
paradise is where i slay my demons
lyrics the sigil
paint pictures with the venom inkage
black and distinguished
deep reachin’
cause the carnage shrinkage
tarantulas that’s moonwalkin’ on apartment ceilings
adventure time
the web of life connect without a finish
in record time
i live my future life to not diminish
40 years in 40 minutes
life beyond your race and gimmicks

[hook] – 2x

- เนื้อเพลง paranom purpose