เนื้อเพลง p money – carter


[background track: p money]
k!lling this track, call it an ambulance
i would say f-ck all my exes but i ain’t mad at ’em
they never did me nothing wrong, in fact to be honest they made me who i am so really i’m thanking them
i was broken and my love was immaculate
i dropped out the gig and went thinking like other bachelors
quick hot learning, 100 degrees on my mind, no more mistakes so no more accidents

[phone call: p money and carter ]
yo, h-llo
hi daddy
hey carter, what you saying?
ok dada
where’s mum?
what you doing?
i said what you doing?
ok i’m going to go bed now
ah you’re going bed now, alright, i’ll see you in a bit
see you soon

- เนื้อเพลง p money