เนื้อเพลง noah carter – wise up


and so it starts
i wish you wouldn’t have to see me like this, down and out
i’m trynna get back on my feet before
someone might goes and changing
my memories and my loved ones is fadeting
i’m try and stay in and out
and really deal with the pressure
how am i ignoring phone calls from my brother
my present, two presents
i hope they help him dealing with depression
sometimes i forget ’em
and that’s crazy course the n-gg- really took hold of this sh-t
his cousin my brother too is really family business
i just need to vent
i don’t feel the need to fill you in
tell me if i ever crossed the line
you always do it and i tell you everytime
you phone me a couple of times a day
course i tell you to call me when i cross your mind

wise up
city saying wise up

in my sleep i heard f-cking n-gg- loud on the street it’s velvet
but brushed it off

- เนื้อเพลง noah carter