เนื้อเพลง nick fine$e – go to church


this is hood hymns
mixed with ghetto gospel
the young black apostle
greed is a sin in my creed but no apollo
apollo creed the beat, mixed with rocky marciano
eating steak at mariano’s
we a different breed
you gone remember me
coop made the beat
so we play for keeps
coop, where were you at when we needed producers
you graduated high school then you started producing
y’all n—– k!ll me but lets get to this music
better late than never, but never late is better
i’m in college writing papers with the deadline
we linking downtown, hop on the bus or the redline
n—– sleeping like the night before christmas
all my life i been gifted
i should be on y’all wish list
got a heart full of gold
and a mind full of goals
plus a pit full of soles, i ain’t talking de la
rolling with a pack of wolves so you cannot tame us
do you really want the fortune and to be famouse
you know what, i’ll take the fortune with a drop of some fame
cuz i am not the type to rock the icy diamond chain
i just want to feed my family for some generations
far from the plantations but still live around the racist
the evils we can’t escape it
i got to try to change it before i get replaced with a newborn
so what are you on

so what are you on
so what are you on
so what are you on, what are you on, what are you on
so what are you on
so what are you on
what are you on

- เนื้อเพลง nick finee