เนื้อเพลง nexx chapter – now or never


[hook: t]
they say if you want something, you take it
if it’s what you love, you gotta let it go
now is my time, i gotta make it
the future is here, no time to take it slow
i’m tryna touch the stars, i wanna see the moon
the galaxy is ours, no i won’t be home soon
it’s now or never, baby it’s now or never
now or never

[verse: gabi]
entertain the world everyday… was it my destiny?
irrelevant, i am my own fate
i day dream cause i never sleep on my dreams
and i’m a risk it all, so i’ll be sure to take it all
higher standards, higher conscience and
charisma and swag result in h-lla confidence
but yet, haters tryna get the best of me
and early on gold diggin’ hoes tryna invest in me
uh, i can’t control what everybody does
mostly disappointed when i expect who somebody was
and things never happen as planned at least most of the time
so i live for the moments, cause moments never die
y’all see us all over the net, goalie hoe
straight defyin’ gravity in the world we know
i’m skyline crossin’ over to the other side
funny how i’ll be more out of reach within the public eye


what do you do when goin’ to school isn’t the right path?
i’m interested in numbers but i never liked math
more like downloads, down hoes, and clowned foes
i’m focused on paper too, dow jones
uh, my mind is clearer than it’s ever been
knowin’ there is doubt makes me realize that i better win
yeah, like the heat with lebron james,
lookin’ so right, i ain’t ever got the wrong frames
her name is fame, that’s my future love
can’t be tied down while i’m tryna shine in place of the sun
a perfectionist, and only cause i can be
you can imagine why i’m not feelin’ a plan-b
dedicated to the game, league p-ss
out of reach to the opposition like a lead p-ss
people claimin’ “yo i do music too”
dawg if you grindin’ the way we do i would of heard of you


it’s now or never
ooh ooh woah
look in the sky if you wanna find me
i’ll be the light that’s shinin’
ooh woah
it’s now or never
ya good, i’m better
reckless but clever
and more importantly i’m unforgettable, see man i plan to live forever
free to do whatever the f-ck cause we never surrendered to unfair, or the impossible, or set backs from any unexpected obstacle
tell it how it is cause i don’t care to lie, too high
#winning is the only trendin’ topic on my mind


- เนื้อเพลง nexx chapter