เนื้อเพลง newsong – red letter day


every day before the rush gets started
i get down on my knees
and i pray, lord, i need you here to guide me
please speak to me
and something happens that i can’t explain
his word starts talking to me and
i’m out to face this world again
i do believe it’s gonna be another red letter day
i do believe it’s gonna be another chance for me
to take his word and walk by faith
i got a smile with every step i take
knowing he is here with me
it’s gonna be a red letter day
i had a friend call me up and tell me
how he struggles through each day
i told him that i didn’t have all of the answers
this world’s a crazy place
i’ve learned to hide god’s word in my heart
so i can have it with me when the pressures of the day start
repeat chorus
so many hidden treasures in god’s word for us to find
the mysteries and secrets that are there to bring us life
repeat chorus

- เนื้อเพลง newsong