เนื้อเพลง naer mataron – last man against time


man above time
identified with the present sun
throwing relentlessly ~ the light on us
from all the dawns ~ of the past
throwing a shine in the increasing darkness of our times

brahma, visnon, siva
existence, preserver, the destroyer
the last important man
stigmatized by the signs of the opposite elements

the lightning and the sun, kalki the avenger

crush all the enemies of the divine purpose
the stigmatized ones with the stamp of declined times

at his right, the last loyal
the iron man, the avenger
the defeated warriors against time

powers of solution
powers of life
in the field of the cosmic battle
the one without beginning

the bridge leads to zarathustra
through the flames of the final end
in the sunshine of the new age
in the road which he traced, who wasn’t his
in order to prepare it for him

- เนื้อเพลง naer mataron