เนื้อเพลง mike stud – boyfriend (remix)


boyfriend (remix)

no girl, got yours for the weekend, though
your girl taken, call liam neeson, bro’
spring season, mini-skirt sequins flow
i got her leakin’ and i ain’t even beatin’, though
easy ho, balcony views, some pinot grigio
now take it to the floor and play the piccolo
now we having a good time, so you can be my girl, but only for the night
now listen

i’d like to be everything you want
hey girl, let me talk to you
i can’t be your boyfriend, i thought i’d let you know
that we can have some fun to tonight, but then i got to go
so you can find a better man out there on your own
cause if i was your boyfriend, i know i’d do you wrong
i know i’d do you wrong

let’s make a video and put it on the internet
good head, girl, i call it intellect
best you ever had and i ain’t even finished yet
do you so good even the neighbors need a cigarette
call me deion, the way i put the d on
take you to the bed, the bath, and beyond
then i got to be gone, i got a flight to be on
but, i never told you different
girl listen


you got a prince, not a king, i’m a duvet
’bout to move in on the queen like i’m playing chess
yes, tell me what you want to do to me
come in the room with me, be kinda like a movie scene
yeah, you got a man? i’m chilling
my heart’s got ed, it’s no hard feelings
and, let me take you where you want to go
and, this is something that you got to know


- เนื้อเพลง mike stud