เนื้อเพลง michael buble – try a little tenderness


she may be weary
women do get weary
wearing the same shabby dress
and when she’s weary
try a little tenderness

she may be waiting
just antic-p-ting
things she may never possess
and while she’s without them
try a little tenderness

it’s not just sentimental
she has her grief
and her cares
but a word
soft and gentle
makes it easier to bear
so much easier to bear

you won’t regret it
women don’t forget it
love’s got a whole
a whole happiness
and it’s all so easy
just to try a little tenderness

you’ve gotta try
you’ve gotta hold ‘er
you’ve got ta squeeze her
you have to try
you’ve got ta try
and always please her
you won’t regret it
you won’t regret it
try a little tender-ness

- เนื้อเพลง michael buble