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เนื้อเพลง merle haggard – some of us fly


we all come along, in our own given time
no way to compare, such unique design
but there’s one common trait,
to the scheme of it all
some of us fly….all of us fall

when life deals you a hand you don’t throw it away
the cards that you draw are the cards that you play
some don’t give a d-mn,
some give it there all
some of us fly….but all of us fall

some spiral down in a circle
some climb to steeply and stall
some make the bet some ponder it yet
some p-ss, some raise, some call
some play it smart
i had a ball
some of us fly…. but all of us fall

some squander life, some turn it around
some look to the sky, but they cant leave the ground
some reach for the stars
when there already tall
some of us fly….but all of us fall

- เนื้อเพลง merle haggard