เนื้อเพลง master chef toast – hold it


i got a bottle in the pack but i don’t wanna hold it / i got a blunt in the bag but i don’t wanna smoke it / i got a b-tch in the bed but i don’t wanna own it / and the devil says / hold it / smoke it / own it!

verse 1!
it’s lonely at the top / where there’s n0body to trust / holly f-ck / honey sl-ts / only what / i saw in the club / hence i’m such a loner / from time to time i still check my brother noah / but in a minute or four later / he feels like a total stranger / “watch your liver / why you always drunk and bitter?” my other sister that is not as much ambitious / mommy hold it believe me / i also wanna beat it / and get over this addiction / it’s the road to riches / too many enemies your true family looks at you angrily / “why you talk to that one?” / who’s the bad one? / dad mom? and that bra / you recently knew / pretend as if he’s true / f-ck the cigarettes the booze / i’m not getting younger / i need to feed my belly hunger / cos on any hour i might get a baby momma / marry i wanna leave this blurry one for any other’s / i’m older wiser and way smarter!

verse 2!
health declining / bad advices / your friends convince you otherwise / your girl got issues you wonder why / friends is smiling in your face but in your back they really are snakes hoping to catch you un-awake / some wanna blaze / but wouldn’t think twice to have your grave dug for a maize / you know the people you met over a couple of drinks / the same people that won’t be there to lay me to rest six feet under deep / but anyway i got what i needed from this life even more it’s unbelievable / what i’m seeing all now just evil thoughts / your murders discussed over beers and smokes / but i’m fearless though / i came a long way, always in the clearest of quotes / know where is home. i appeared alone in this here crystal globe / but one day i’ll be called when it’s my time / then i’ll just be that white guy / like oh but why haai fine bye!

verse 3!
i want the simple pleasures / the evil laughter from the sickest devil makes me feel his presence / god showed me the greener pastures / where there’s peace and heaven / the mother i’m based in is full of bad imagination / lasting hatred over cash and mansions / i turn the pages and wonder if i still have any shred of patience / they say we black and racist / someone is mad at masons / sometimes i feel like i can’t handle my day shift / rent over…due debts older and dad’s poorer / my grave is looming / i lost my brain in music / intoxicated, in all these places / showing faces in an attempt to expose the greatness / but who’s looking when dude is moving? / a choice between the voice within or something more precious / when i’ll have older facials than the loosing music / i’m sick and tired of all the hallucination and the booze illusions!

“i’m an old man like….i don’t like all these illusions and hallucination that i get from weed and all that sh-t. i just need to take a break and go away”

- เนื้อเพลง master chef toast